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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

after dusting the room ....

i dont have a sweet tooth. but a fruit cake makes my day.

i've been selling stuffs lately again to raise some funds. below's an update of visible library of things. will not mention the hidden stash of human disgrace.

this is a 4 tier glass cabinet from ikea. dusted and wiped the dust off 2day and a minor rearrangement of sortments. tier one top tier we have an assortment of 12inch figures. clockwise from left, medicom sam lee, blue bathing ape pepsi bottle, hot toys brothersrobber, bathing ape edison chen, hot toys apexplorer, medicom black spidy, medicom black balzac (barely visible), sideshow freddy, medicom 1/8 V# masked rider, hot toys brothersworker tank hood, medicom spidy.

second tier consist mainly of medicom star wars 12inchers. clockwise from left, medicom yoda, medicom blackhole stormtrooper, medicom ep4 vader, medicom sandtrooper (blocked) medicom ep3 vader, medicom stormtrooper, medicom clone trooper, medicom ep6 luke, medicom boba fett, medicom jango fett.

third tier are clockwise left - hot toys george lucas, sideshow anakin, sideshow darth maul, hot toys beckham "han solo", sideshow qui-gon jin, hasbro death star droid, medicom zombie snake, medicom camo snake.

last tier consist miz=xture of old stuff.

table for my internet surfing it's as messy. on the left corner is enterbay's 2 bruce lees.

game console with sideshow assajj ventress and emperor holo

messiest are my cds and dvds and books

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