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Monday, December 03, 2007

staminaless consecutive jogging

watched thru the leopard tour vid online to understand some of the major updates for the OS X.5 .... still many of these little addons i will barely come in touch with. but sure a huge welcome to the mac addicts.

UPS package from playasia arrived 2day. 4 days after shipping. would have arrive yesterday if not for the misroute to Taiwan. but still yesterday was a sunday and the couriers dont work.

with this guide i'll be able to "master" and fully comprehend the goodness of this game, that the reason why i love guidebooks. just like i like to dig up old albums of a band when i discover them. if only i was that industrial in school.

2day marked the 3rd fay of consecutive evening jogging. saturday i did at bishan stadium, 5 rounds. yesterday 6 rounds at toa payoh stadium with my shuffle. 2day at bishan again, 6 rounds. if i dont have to pick up elaine 2mrw evening, i'm gonna go another shot .... perhaps jogging is addictive ....

PS. labels for my blog amended from beginning til end of may 07 .... june, july, august .... 3 more months to amend ....

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