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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

uniqlo MGS peacewalker t-shirts + ps3 Fifa World Cup 2010

a good friend help me get these b4 it's too late.

the beautiful emblem at the side of the sleeve.

there were many designs, available the same day as japan uniqo's launch.

size M is my size, the backprints.

i too love a peace walker logo but i think 2 tees is my limit.

got my fifa world cup 2010 as well, R3


desmond said...

I guess you will be having a lot of fun playing your 2010 world cup game.

saruman said...

nice MGS shirt! can't wait for the game!

sket said...

@desmond, yep, since cant watch the WC for now, might as well live it.

@saruman, yeah, suddenly i'm sucked into the psp world of mgs again.