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Sunday, October 05, 2008

play beyond - hot shots golf open tee 2

i've listed my Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds for ps3 for sale in the gameaxis forum a couple of days back at $45. had some trouble patching up the game, but the next day i managed to patch it and fooled with a DLC kratos character and found it's still hold some greatness i decided to keep the game. but i never alter the forum.

my R1 silent hill homecoming for ps3 was slated to send out from playasia on 3rd october but it got delayed to 6th october. tho it's nice to have the R3 in hand to play first, but i'm paying premium courier price for a game that takes so long to be released. it sucked more when i saw it yesterday evening, the R1 version at funzcentre at $85. 

left home early to funzcentre, timed to sell my the force unleashed R4 for psp and in exchange to buy hot shots golf open tee 2 for psp, before heading to work in a 45mins stint. glad crystal took in my game at $28 and i paid $31.90 for the new psp game. 

and to my dismay, i found my psp phat finally come up with problems. the SELECT key is perm selected so i have some trouble at the xmb. my wife suggest i take hers, when i had the notion of getting a psp2000 slim and lite after delaying for so long. then i came to know the psp3000 with upgraded lcd's gonna be release in 14 october locally. guess i'll see how it goes when the day comes.

1134am, in the mist of my nap after my night duty, a sms came in asking if i'm still letting go my hot shots golf out of bounds

it all circles around the playstation games, decision to sell, keep, buy. play beyond ~

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