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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

w00t .... fallout 3 CE touchdown

UPS guy just called me. i'm not home but there's my retired dad at home to receive the package. more pictures later when i get home.

my CE guide is on snail mail so it'll arrive in prob saturday if not, monday ....

later in the afternoon ....

here's the package ....

the lunchbox

the contents .... as u can see, pipboy has broke of from the stand. will need glue to stick him back to the base

pipboy .... the cooler amazon exclusive will come with a radio prop and gamestop pre-orders gets the soundtrack. mine's from P so it's the basic CE.


Aerowerks said...

holy cow! RB2, GHWT and fallout 3! that's bloody fast man!

Where's the drum?

Next week I'm on leave, hope baby delay a few days so can ask u guys over to jam. :p

sket said...

i have no space for drums so it's just guitar. mic can recycle from RB1. think the baby had enuff noize already