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Saturday, September 26, 2009

madcatz mic stand / revolver oct 09 / beatles tee / duran duran's Rio

joe chua asked if i've received the letter from HDB. no. fedup. but my guess was the maid didnt open the letter box yesterday. there were 2 packages, incl the rickenbacker, which was a freaking cool guitar to play with, and a smaller package for my wife, but i'm sure the small package was delivered by courier at the door step

once i got home in the morning, and was pleased to see the HDB letter. tho not for key collection to the pinnacle@duxton, but a informative letter to assure the residents it's gonna be ready.

also in the mailbox, 2 blu-rays, normal shipping, came in within 10days, awesome.

cant imagine if these were seen yesterday, i wouldnt have got out to buy my magaine .... revolver, which features rob zombie. i would hvae been overwhelmed by the sight of the rickenbacker, or more of a shock, and so much to cover during my split shift

a trip down to HMV 2day, to search for mavis fan's cd, innocent, which practically cant be found anywhere, but spotted some real cool stuff, a beatles apple tee and duran duran's Rio album remastered with plenty of extra tracks.

ant find the mic stand i saw at funzcentre yesterday at the orchard branch, so i had to bear my headache, due negative sleep, watching wrong turn2 blu-ray once i got home with my wife, and pushed on to the amk branch.

chris and crystal are back. i placed 2 pre-orders, DJ hero Renegade version and Uncharted 2. the counter girl asked if i'm member, i'm sorta like a underground member, gets discount only when chris and crsytal are around. but 2day i get the member card free with compliments from crystal. absolutely cool ....

i've decided to settle for madcatz mic stand over professional ones about close to or cheaper, but this stand comes with the mic holder so it saves me the trouble to get them separately.
i'm beat .....


desmond said...

Bro, you must have collected a lot of Blu-ray disc..Expensive collection!!

sket said...

dont keep all. if the movie turn dull/foul suddenlly i'll sell it off. take it like a rental, applies to games as well.