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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

joker nurse costume

with the upcoming launch of joker DX, i decided to get the nurse costume for kicks.

this package comes in a quite presentable box. got it at $65

the details ....

i decided to use the slim body to try it out. slim body was recommended by a toy collector when i was at falcon's coupa of months back .... the slim body doesnt have a shot neck adaptor.

after fixing up, joker nurse with slim body trutype looks absurb

went out to get a narrow body, my second piece, first omne was used for tony stark work clothing figure . also bought a shotgun from yellowboxtrade.

a comparison between the narrow shoulder and the slim true-type, they dont differ much on the height, but chest and overall built is indeed smaller.

ah this looks so much better. perhaps he'll looks best in a normal truetype figure ....


desmond said...

Yes Sket, this Joker head fits well in normal TT body. I also like the Remington shotgun.

sket said...

not sure if this is a remingtoon shotgun, but it sure looks similar. the chris redfield has one shotgun that looks cool too, suitable for the joker. saw a handless/legless/headless TT normal at yellowboxtrade at $25, nice price.

desmond said...

Yes bro, your shotgun is definitely the Remington brand. I also bought HT Chris Redfield's RPG-7 and shotgun yesterday.

sket said...

all gearing up for joker DX !!!