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Friday, September 25, 2009

the beatles rock band john lennon rickenbacker 325

holy shit.

my initial order for the beatles rock band rickenbacker had encounter problems. amazon admitted fault they dont have stock. so they compensated to give me free delivery for this item. for games and periperals, which not all ships out o usa, but if it does, it'll be on expedited prioirty, the fastest, takes about 3-4days. ad usa is 1day behind us, we'll usually get our items on the 3rd day.

the expected delivery date moved from order date to november.

my mind diverted to the warbeast instead, and i bought it. in the order thru new england music company is the awesome rock band lisenced fender bass by madcatz. with these 2 guitars i'm almost all covered. rockband has also allow some real cool guitars with metal parts and a wooden version, collaborated fender with madcatz,super replicas, much like the renowned beatles rock band guitars.

i was gonna cancel the rickenbacker, but to my amazement, it was in the room when i got home. it had shipped secretly 4days ago ....

holy shit. USD99, no shipping chrges, it aint that bad, but now i'll be loaded with 3 guitars suddenly .... the rockband1 fender and gh4 guitar remains vaulted in a samsonite suitcase.

she loves you yeah, yeah yeah, and a love like that, i know he will be glad ....

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