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Friday, July 03, 2009

sideshow darth vader + playmobil

am a little disappointed of picking up the hulking Darth Vader by sideshow toys. the previous 2 figures, utapau clonetrooper and stormtrooper had used hot toys inner body but vader this round dont share the logo on it's box. must have been just a generic sideshow body, but at a huge size.

another disappointment will be the suit that will prob disintegrate over time, just like the medicom vaders. but can i not buy this new induction?

this figure comes with some extra hands, mine's the normal so i dont have the choking glove.

the box itself towers over the stormtrooper box. but really, does it warrant a $225 pricetag? glad i got mine at simply toy's member discount.

vader likes to show u his belt. plenty of pvc used. sigh. finishing is alittle raw overall.

his central system is held up by pvc suspenders. u might wanna make some adjustment if it''s not centralled.

here's a comparison with the 2 troopers, vader is a head taller. maybe i'll take out my medicom figures but i know their height will be put to shame.

mr bean makes another cameo.

the chain on his cape will likely be sucked into his neck so do peel it out carefully. i love the look of this helm, pretty detailed.

it's a great figure no doubt, but medicom has it's ups as well, the removable helm on diff vader (Ep4 and Ep3 versions) especially. great start for any new 12inch or 1/6th collector who wants a vader in their profile.

buy at own risk.

my wife got me this ghost figure by playmobil with her vivo vouchers. this fellow glows in the dark like my previous ghost but my old one is a old man while this playmobil has a skeletal suit and gory face. essentially, playmobil was my fave toy line as a kid. i'll make up storylines and episodes to follow. hope lucas will be into them when he grows older, a young director, just like before his father was.


LEon said...

Nice Vader review. Is that a giant R2 there I see? Man you need to review that R2!

We share kinda same childhood. Playmobil are one of those favorite toys i play with story lines. I wanted to get the ghost playmobil too but I decided to concentrate on some toy collection as limited budget.

sket said...

that R2 is the voice activated R2, mine being the re-issued version and i think there's a updated one. there are some commands u tell the R2 it'll perform some tricks. will have to wake it up b4 i can do some review, now under hybernation. yes playmobil are real fun when we'll young

desmond said...

Sket, great score for your Darth Vader..I am considering this piece..

sket said...

slowly we'll grow to like it, like the dark side