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Monday, July 06, 2009

silver ps3 dualshock3 and fanboys dvd

my white dualshock3 dropped on the floor couple of days back. it has dropped previously. but this time when i shake the DS3 i hear broken parts rolling inside the controller. the right trigger or what u call the R2 button becomes alittle loose. i find playing wolverine origins accidentally triggering his special powers, a light tap now activates the key.

got no choice, not a good time -, but there'll never be any good times anymore, so i bought a silver replacement.

had been putting off buying Fanboys movie as the rental is up in the Play! kiosk already. committed 2day on a dvd version of this movie.


LEon said...

How you find the fanboy. I watched it recently and the movie never move me. Flash if you love the wookie. LOL

sket said...

i was surprised that they actually refer each of the cast as some1 from starwars which i totally didnt catch it. i dont feel for the movie either.