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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

i can drive better drunk

i dont drive when i drink too much. but 2day was a freakshow to kiss a vehicle's bumper when driving my wife home from work. it was on AYE and the peak hour bumper to bumper with a slight turn away from traffic my car bumped into the front car.

on inspection only my number plate seemed to have cracked and the toyota wish had a dent. but when i got home and removed the debris i notice my front bumper had slight dent and a big crack due to the impact.

not a good time when i'm dead broke, but it'll never be a good time for any car accidents. i'm glad all pax involved are ok.


LEon said...

Oh have insurance right?

sket said...

not gonna claim leon. my manager sold his car cos he ad an accident and insurance becomes 3k+ a year. got a friend does car body repair so i'll ask him to do it for the other party and i'll pay.