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Monday, August 11, 2008

hot toys joker 12inch figure

well, with so many cancellation of my pre-orders of toys with TFH due to the "big upcoming" .... this will prob be my last 12inch figure for the year. i've got 1 more pc coming thru TFH but i thot i grab a piece first and the other pc when arrived for investment or keepsake. 

this figure really didnt let us down. heath ledger was a instant legend in "the dark knight", completely in my opinion outshined the batman himself in the movie, and as well re-lived as the best hot toys "movie masterpiece series" product. 

the other box is again a slip case, with a much like oil on canvas feel, a rough surface on the slip cover.

and the back of the slip cover and the head

the inner front is a left flip cover with a picture stretching to the left shoulder.

the back of the inner box ....

the figure in the bubble .... well secured.

the little extractable knife spells trouble. it has a clip at the back that i think might break anytime.

the stand is a newer concept, holds the legs apart ....

back as the great hot toys sculptor, yulli, did an amazing work on the joker's head sculpt. 

the costume is equally amazing, the big purple suit and other amazing details [which u can see from the website] with his inner clothing. 

if u gonna just buy 1 12inch this year, this is the one ....

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