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Saturday, August 16, 2008

AT-TE / commander fox / SDCC clone trooper acquisition

got news from forum that commander fox is available at TRU forum galleria. i was right there at 10am at store opening time. commander fox was hidden at one corner inside the glass case. took 2 coupons and went for my payment.

metro paragon has only 1 last piece of AT-TE left. TRU forum had plenty with a free holo grevious if u sped $150 and above. i hd wnated to accumulate the metro purchase amount to get the VIP card but to my dismay it was an accumultaion of $500 in 3months instead of $300. till i bought AT-TE from metro paragon and they gave me the carton box, which wasnt that bad. i'll be opening the AT-TE on monday evening after work with my wife .... this "vehicle" comes with 1 clone trooper in white and the great thing is he has emblem on his shoulders, so it's pretty exclusive.

and finally 1 SDCC clone trooper in red from simply toys. collected my simply toys card but i only have $34 in accumulation, will need $300 spending to remain member.

both figure has the plastic protective case. commander fox at $24, SDCC clone at $39.

the back of the card.

i missed out on a pair of clone troopers on bike which has grey team paint on them. hope i can still find them on monday.

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