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Saturday, August 30, 2008

clone trooper medicom

bought some stuff again. i've spoke to roy about canceling my HT joker 12inch pre-order and swap for a already cancelled medicom clone trooper. glad he agreed. been a pretty difficult customer of late. bought my wife a blythe shop exclusive doll as well, miss sally rice. 

i tot, a EPII clone trooper at this point, and sticking to my roots, is a better way to distribute my funds correctly now than a spare joker .... moreover, with the heat of clone wars, this is great timing ....

found a rare highly sought after clone trooper from the legacy series at taka. i do have 1 of this clone fellows, non-anaimated ones that i didnt sell, but i want the weapons that comes with this figure, so .... and all for the heat of the clone wars. great excuse.

it's been 2 weeks and kino has not got their stock of "the force unleashed" novel. amazing. bought it at orders, but at a mad price of $47. if i would have got them all from, incl my "art and making of", i would have them at the same price i bougth locally and have them signed hen shipped in, a starwarsshop exclusive deal, pity .... bad decisions leads to bad deals.

gave up on haruki murakami's new novel, it's a memoir, not necessary .... and it takes like 1.5mths to finally sight it at kino .... 

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