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Friday, November 18, 2011

assassin's creed revelations unboxing

here we have it. R4 version from gamescore. my history with the assassin's creed series is pretty bad, always overspending ....

the lenticular artwork on the box is pretty cool, different view from different angle.

but surely dont worth that much, just as bad as the collector's edition. last year's assassin's creed brotherhood has the best variety of editions

this box is not really in the correct angle ....

the back-side, anus

little velvety cover with the "animus edition" printed

so here's the cheap cupboard box

and the back side

the contents

embers / game in clear case / soundtrack is inside and the dlc codes / the pedia, yes the hardcover encylopedia

the inside of the book cover looks the same. foiled print of logo.

my white edition of the enclyopedi is not shipped yet, ordered since 8th october .... hope it'll send out soon

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