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Monday, June 30, 2008

GH aerosmith / MGS4 bluetooth headset

gamescore smsed me that this item has arrived. no time to try it yet, MGS4 bluetooth headset. it was originally tested that the voice output make u sound like a sock in the mouth, but later more pple veried it was a cool headset, especailly over ps3 connection. $89.

only the disc for guitar hero: aerosmith arrived 2day. it's distributed by new era. it's R1 version. but i dont have a GH guitar for PS3 so i wanted the aerosmith guitar bundle with the game. sources expected it'll be the AU R4 version that will come in as the bundle distributor is softsource. took me awhile to think it thru, since GH3's DLC isnt any great now, so, i'll re-buy a GH3 for PS3 [previously i had was on 360 and sold] and neglect any purchasable DLC as we cant yet buy from EU or AU PSN as of now. but get the R1 disc for GH Aerosmith and any future DLC at the US psn via entropay. what i'll missed out is the aerosmith faceplate and the tour book that comes with the bundle, but i gain another disc for jamming .... 

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