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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

MGS4 bluetooth headset

the set comes with the pouch to keep your charging wire and bluetooth headset. has an instruction sheet to advice how your pair with your PS3 or cellphone. 

the rubber ear loop is made of flexi rubber. with the asian climate, i see this rubber to rot / break off / peel in no time. hmm. maybe u'll need to powder it like what the army teaches us for prolong storage if not used.

tried pairing the MGS4 headset this morning with my sony phone and it works well. dont have anyone to try with during the "trial" so i played music over my macbook's poor speakers over the housephone and then rotate with mobile phone.

in general the sound is clear but was volume is slightly soft despite to the max. will try with the PS3 whenever i get a chance.

the charging pin is pretty small and plugs into the back of your headset. charged it over the PS3 and macbook last night. first charge requires 8hrs. during charging the headset will have a steady red light. when on it'll blink a blue.

tested it driving can calling. works ok. but the ear loop will make the back of the ear hurt after prolong use.

nice cool GH3 wireless dongle for the GH3 wireless guitar.

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