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Monday, July 14, 2008

over the weekend .... cats, starhub HD, iPoT update

Tuesday:- have i gone weak as i got older, always. i just woke up from an hour of nap. been nausea after a couple rounds of beer and head straight to go pick my wife up. guess my driving out-beat me and i was made giddy by my own driving. 

my starhub cable settop box had been giving me problems for a while. the last it took up to 10mins to power up. i popped over the starhub vivo city branch for a 1to1 exchange. behind was a queue of retired man. but after the swift exchange i got a hint i could get the HD settop box at 0 dollar. all i did was renew my contract for 2 years and then use my stahub loyalty points to claim for the remaining $48 for a free box. they provided me only with component cables which are good enuff.

but i encounter problems when i set up the box and my subscribed channels were good. i made a little fuss over the phone with the tech person when they started to direct the unknown fault to other methods of solvent. 30mins later after i cancelled my drinking b4 the meeting and had to rush down to vivo again, the programs popped out. now i can watch all channels, a complimentry for 1day as usual, but hope my subscribed channels stay when the free ones expires.

Sunday:- went to the feline competition over the weekend and i must say this one wasnt as good as the previous ones i've been to. pretty small scale this round, and less exotics. this fellow won a second price for some event. 

this flat face got first in another event. gotta get myself one of this falt face ones someday, their pitiful face makes them so adorable.

Friday + Sturday:- gotten some link for a free download to iPhone 2.0 and it failed miserably. the overnight download effort was wasted as there were errors. the update was tied in for the global launch of iPhone 3G + App Store and the update can only be updated via iTunes [where iTunes are officially setiup, hence singapore =0]. this update are applicable to iPhone 2G and iPod Touch. headed to work with puffy eyes and weighted heart. but when i came home i simply click on the iTunes update button i was directed to update + restore my iPoT and i got my update for free. amazing!

installed a couple of free apps. also bought iTune credits thru a local fellow at this blog at SGD51 for USD40. with this redeem code i can now sign up for a US iTunes without needing a US billing address credit card. gotten 4 songs .... Simple man by Graham Nash [song from Reign over Me movie], Live Forever by Oasis [one of fave track in Rock Band DLC], the drugs dont work by The Verve [yes drugs never did helped me much for my sanity] and Do you believe in Shame by Duran Duran [poly days had better music].

found out 2day from my colleague that iTunes APP store had open a new store for Singapore. so now i can sign up for a Singapore iTunes account using a local credit card, that's great joy for many singaporeans whom owned iPhone and iPoT. no songs or moives to buy atm tho. my colleague got his iPoT update thru the local site but he paid for it, wonder why my didnt have to. 


The Art of Chin said...

Pretty sweet deal u got there,iPhone 3G is not out yet here in Malaysia and I heard it have some problems with iPod accessories.

Still a pretty sweet deal to have next generation phone.I did a comparison with my dad's iPhone and my old Nokia MusicXpress.My phone music speakers are louder and clearer :P

sket said...

mine isnt the iPhone but the iPod Touch = iPoT. iPoT's music playback sounds bad, i presume iPhone would perform the same ....