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Saturday, November 22, 2008

sideshow luke skywalker "a new hope / moisture farmer" 12inch figure

been awhile since i indulge in a sideshow 12inch figure. here's luke skywalker in the moisture farm costume from a new hope. after member discount $101.

i wanted to trace down the sideshow exclusive version but only find is at ebay and bigbadtoys. the exclusive comes with the bonnie hat and a goggles but the scene with him with the hat is only seen in the deleted scenes. 

other accessories are pretty complete nevertheless and the head sculpt is pretty spot on. so i guess it's cool to get the normal version. it's cool to have a "a new hope" luke.


desmond said...

Good score!! Thinking to get this but due to recent released of so many 12inch figures in the market, have to control my purchase..Haha!!

sket said...

yes too many 12inches that we need serious selective purchase. i ran thru EP4 again to assure myself the normal version is sufficient. this fellow goes back to why i love SW, and to commemorate a new coming ....