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Sunday, November 30, 2008

new watch + time capsule

my wife's macbook speakers went bonkers this morning and i thought maybe it's a good time to invest in a hard disk for time machine backups for both of our macs and also double up as a external storage. the 1T [terra] version retails about almost SGD800 whie the 500G [giga] version is below SGD500. both our macbook's total HDD space is below 200G, so i opted for the 500G version. 

it was a bloody pain to set up. took me 3hrs and no joy. after dinner i manage to find some solution thru a google that i need to change my router password to WPA2 for better compatibility. but will changing that lead to a screw to my other devices that's to be connected? lik the PS3, my cellphone, the iTouch, my nephew's dell .... maybe i should pursue the setup tomorrow when i might have alittle more time .... it's almost 11pm now, cant risk staying up whole nite to sort it out if it fail or has a disastorous chain-effect.
in the meantime .... i'm enjoying my new watch .... the tauchmeister from german my wife bought for me. a 400 piece limited edition. what i love is the GMT window .... this can safely remove the dram of a rolex GMT master ....

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