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Monday, December 01, 2008

time capsule part II

the story continues on my connection to the apple time capsule to my home products.

my linksys router does not have a WPA2 option under the wireless security tab. mine is a router/modem provided by starhub, a WCG-200 wireless-G model. and without WPA2 i see myself needing to further experiment on how to connect to the apple's time capsule.

i've never been good at this wireless or networking workaround. i've once hired a man to sort out my singtel internet wireless connection. feedback of him from my colleague was he's quite blur, but he sorted out a few of my problems previously. $50 a pop.

linksys is a pretty good company, they provide hotline that guides a user thru a step-by-step patient walkthru for their products. from initial setup to solving your messed up connection. a call on 800-120 4280 will link u up to a foreigner [probably stationed in another part of the world] and you gotta go along with his/her accent and the rest is probably a winning battle from your time-sucking problems.

with a little trail and error i finally chose WPA 128bit for my wiresless security on my router/modem. on the apple macbook i'll need to select WEP 40-128bit HEX and punch in my extremely long generated password, to connect to my wireless network. the router/modem admin address is

next i open up FINDER/GO/UTILITIES/AIPORT UTILTY and scan for the time capsule. dont forget t oreset the time capsule via a pen into the little pinhole at it's arse for 5secs and he'll see a fast blink on the front LED.

once the time capsule is detected, i select the first option of joining the existing network and also not to replace my router. punch in that password when prompted and ta-dah .... my time capsule is found. 

also inorder to have my time capsule appear on my desktop, in need to go FINDER/PREFERNECES/ and check on connected servers. next click on the icon of the time capsule on the desktop and select the icon on the left pane, click connect button on the top right corner, u'll be prompted to punch in the time capsule password. with this i can drag and drop files from the macbook into the time capsule. nice.

but still to backup wireless to the time capsule, the transfer rate is ugly. once u select to backup using time capsule, when u plug in your previous external HDD, all those backups are goners.

i've gotta figure how to hardwire the time capsule to the macbook for faster transfer, but in the meantime i've opted to re-do the backup with the 80G external HDD so i can send my wife's macbook for repair. 

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