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Sunday, December 14, 2008

star wars the force unleashed DLC

the new apprentice mission pack is a pretty short and frustrating mission. tho the haords of troopers are endless that gives u plenty of chance to clock more points, it can be overwhelming. the boss fight is pretty tough in my opinion, but i'm glad i made it thru.

a clone trooper with a light saber, nice.

and with the new cosutme pack 2 + costumes from the apprentice mission add-on, now there are plenty of costumes to fool around with. it's cute to be in c3po fighting the foes. he's got real agility.

the list of costumes are as below:-

chacracter pack 1 DLC -->
jedi knight anakin skywalker
jedi knight obi-wan kenobi
darth sion
imperial commando
kit fisto
jedi knight luke skywalker
hooded combat gear (galen)
sith assassin (galen)
general starkiller 

character pack 2 DLC -->
spirit apprentice (galen)
republic trooper
tattoine luke
utility combat suit (galen)
ben kenobi
animated style (galen)
jango fett
plo koon
count dooku

apprentice mission pack -->
darth maul
mace windu
qui-gon jinn
dark stalker (galen)
sith training gear (galen)
lightsaber training droid
combat training droid
temple exploration gear (galen)
cybernetic reconstruction (galen)

thru game progression -->
training gear (galen)
heavy training gear (galen)
light training gear (galen)
medical robe (robe)
bounty hunter disguise (galen)
corellian flight suit (galen)
jungle combat gear (galen)
industrial explorer outfit (galen)
jedi adventure robe (galen)
kento's robe (galen)
sith robe (galen)
ceremonial jedi robes (galen)
sith stalker armour (galen)

via cheat codes -->
drunken kota
bail organa
incinerator trooper
kashyyk trooper
scout trooper
shadow trooper
stromtrooper commander

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