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Monday, December 22, 2008

NatGeo and new zines

15mins into my shift i felt the world spinning. lying back the neck doesnt help. looking down makes it worst. i had a good 6hrs sleep last nite. but i complained i work up super tired.

at 430pm i told CHT [tower manager] i like to go visit the doc. they had the T3 controller so i could be relieved.

doc diagnosed me suffering from vertigo. vertigo a cause that could derived from plenty of reasons, i was granted 3days MC.

i could save $8 bucks if i get these zines + my wife's at kino. but it's cool to have em during the hols, + my space NatGeo magazine to read. some nice articles i like to read from the above magazines. i dont online read, it's tedious. a paper in hand with adverts always my choice.

the NatGeo shop is awesomely huge. had only 10mins to walk around b4 picking up my wife. my head still spins when i look down. walk straight bugger.

the NatGeo shop has a special sony alpha DSLR section. nice.

my wife topped up my barkua this time from the super unhealthy oily BeeKhimHiong [do not mis-relate with Bee Khim], also found a big packet PoPo from HoePing, my neighbourhood provision kiosk. the Popo baby is freakish.

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