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Sunday, December 21, 2008

sony photo printer

after ikea at tampines we popped over to courts to look for elaine's replacement thumb drive from sony. instead we found something she had loved all this while, a sony photo printer at $245. the printer does not come with any paper or ink. so a 120sheets of blank paper and 3cartridges of ink cost $36. we did a live demo secretly, took a picture of her with my digital cam at 5meg pixel, plug in my mem stick on the spot and the photo was printed in 48secs. it looked amazingly convincing so we grab the printer. 

this is the middle priced model, the lower model prints slower while the higher end one has a bigger lcd screen. plenty of on-screen modifications can be done thru the LCD, like framing, correction, adding text. so it was a pretty fun gadget.

last point was giant which is opposite these 2 mega store. my first time to step into this giant. we grabbed the similar log cake what we had at her company BBQ. it's super chocolatey.

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