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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

TWG and 2 blu-rays

my wife booked a table for tea at TWG republic plaza for our little new year's eve eat out. tho small but posh, what's cool to me wasnt the great aroma of tea but the food. i tasted the best salmon smoked on chessy frenchie toast. 

we had some tarts to accompany my hot smoking russian while my wife had some cold earl grey. we were offered a variety of jam and pastries to try as well. there's a branch at T3 airport but it's just a tea and oil outlet. my wife took away some tea leave and i got her a little tea spoon with a TWG print.

2 blu-rays for my new year? tho the offer was over for the 50% off a 2nd disc, i was given a 30% off.


desmond said...

Quite enjoyable when watching the DVD "MARINE" (starred by John Cena). Hope you enjoy too..Happy new year!

sket said...

ya the reason why i dared myself to buy this movie, for john cena, despite critical reviews. happy NY too.

Ragnarok-Ex said...

OMG u bought marine... super bad reviews hehe. so is there any funnie techni-colors? hehe

sket said...

just fin watching marines. more like a made for tv movie. not enuff cena fights i say.