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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

hakuna matata

afrika is the japanese safari game for ps3. it was re-named as hakuna matata in asia. but a new version with english/chinese options was also available in the asia region.

i had given up this game but when i found out a english version i was enthralled. it's tied up with sony alpha DSLR for the cam equiptment. national geographic picked the game and tagged it as a NATGEO product.

to all wondering if english/chinese has any hidden meaning, the game is in pure english. the menus, the subtitled conversations [as the characters dont speak], all are in englsih. if your set is set to chinese then it will come up with chinese menus and subs. 

the graphics, expansive awesome. would be a great game to play with your kids for educational purposes.


Ragnarok-Ex said...

haha.. i got this game as well. only for photography fans tho lolz... i waited a super long time for the hippos to yawn lolz.

sket said...

my first hippo yawn failed too. still got some problem identifying some species of birds and deers