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Thursday, December 04, 2008

more 007

been a while since i use my dell to blog. the dell laptop has been inherited by my nephew don. this huge powerhouse once reign in gaming.

my wife's black macbook is diagnosed with a motherboard fault. it'll cost $1200 to repair. looks like we'll skip and hunt for a newer macbook.

i've accumulated enuff shell escape points to redeem $20x5 worth of petrol, but i took a $60 discount at sembawang to get the collector's edition of casino royale blu-ray. am gonna sell my original version to irene/chee chong, yet to coordinate for a trade time.

and i went back to get the collector's edition of quantum of solace collecto's edition game. it'll contian 10gig of making of videos, and that the reason for my 007 fix, not cos it uses COD4 engine for the rendering. so tomb raider underground wasn't my last game for 2008?!?!?!

a rockband tee in a bucket of water ....


woodhead said...

Cool. Was wondering how long are the bts videos in the QoS:CE? I'm a sucker for making of docs in movies and games.

sket said...

i cant find it on the menu. maybe when i fin the game or it might be unlocked. was expecting like the stranglehold CE but sadly no.