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Friday, December 12, 2008

mortal kombat vs dc universe kollector's edition

every word that starts with a "c" will be replaced by a "k", in the mortal kombat world/universe.

so it's mortal kombat not combat. it's kollector's not collector's. it's kat not cat. maybe not every word but most words. 

i found no time to play fallout3 so i traded it in for $30 [yes a little low for R1] and bought mortal kombat vs dc universe kollector's edition at $103 reduced to $79.

again tomb raider underground being the last game for 2008 was an understatement. so i thought i wouldnt buy QoS but i did. and MKvsDCU was one targeted purchase that got taken off the list but now re-emerged as bought games. but i know i wouldnt buy Prince of Persia for sure. and it has to stay that way.

the box is kontained in a standard transparent slipcase, the box has a velvet feel, but it's a kupboard box. i would go for the normal edition, kos the kontent of the kollector's didnt really appeal. moreover i am inclined towards marvel universe, but i dont wanna go regret like i did for 1) devil may cry4, 2) soul calibur4, both of which i bought the normal versions. if i like a game so much, i must have the guide, and the kollector's or limited edition if it exist. R1 version is also a requirement [unless due to certain conditions that override] but my TRU is R3. 

the kontents:- 
1) the little komic, the artwork is great. but would be kooler if jim lee did the pencils.
2) a blu-ray disc with making of kontent.
3) the game itself.

4) and also a pull-out artwork from the front kover of the box.

so the excuse for buying this rejected game? batman and joker from the dark knight movie stirred my emotions.

junshen was in the queue at funzcentre when i bought the game. i never met him b4 so i didnt recognize him. GodofSpeed was in the queue line when i bought MGS4 earlier this year. 

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