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Monday, December 01, 2008

formatting a external hard disk for PS3 / apple use

with time machine backups on my external 80G harddisk, the ps3 cannot detect this external hardisk anymore. 

i have my solution to make the external HDD to be both compatible with the PS3 and my apple macbook.

after plugging in the external HDD to the usb port of the mac book, choose 

select the volume u need to format. choose FAT32 and ERASE button. give a name if u wish to.

by dragging files into this new formatted volume the Ps3 will not detect the files. for ease just copy a mp3, a video and a picture and when u plug the external HDD back to the apple, u will notice 3 new folders with contents inside .... namely PICTURE folder, VIDEO folder, MUSIC folder.

that ends the short walkthrough of making a external HDD compatible with a intel Apple and a PS3

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