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Friday, December 19, 2008

PS3 games collection

sometimes i'll buy the R3 version of a game then "upgrade" to the R1 version when i tested it to be a collectible. 

and sometimes i've already ordered the R1 version but still buy the R3 version while the R1 game is yet or still in shipping transit, but get the local version to fool with it.

the R3 versions will usually be let off to my colleagues at a price cheaper then i will to the forumers, maybe $10-$15 cheaper. 

these are my collection of PS3 games.

from bottom to top,
1) R2 JPN metal gear solid 4 SE
2) R1 metal gear solid 4 LE
3) R1 soul calibur 4
4) R1 GT5 prologue
5) R1 devil may cry 4
6) R1 star wars the force unleashed
7) R1 singstar ABBA
8) R1 singstar
9) R1 singstar vol2
10) R1 guitar hero world tour (guitar bundle)
11) R1 rockband SE
12) R1 rockband2
13) R1 wwe smackdown vs raw CE
14) R1 tomb raider underworld
15) R3 fifa 09 
16) R3 hakuna matata (english ver)

R3s' case and booklet are usually printed either in HK or Singapore. the disc itself is made in Japan.

R1s' are completely made in USA.

the advantage of R1s over other regions is the DLCs, which is faster mostly than other regions's PSN. my entropay is curently still useable, once it's blocked, i'll buy the USE PSN cards for store credits.

some R3 game saves are compatible with R1s. from my collection that test, they are MGS4, DMC4, SC4, TRU.


desmond said...

With so many PS3 games you have, did you actually complete every single games of your collection?

sket said...

yes i fin the story mode. those i dont usually i'll sell em off cos lost of interest. currently unfinished games are wwe / hakuna matata / TRU / fifa09.

desmond said...

I have finished WWE VS SMACKDOWN 2009..Haha!!

sket said...

i just finished WWE2009 tripleH evo path only. lol