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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

dark knight blu-ray, hot toys robber joker

called hmv and they confirmed batman dark knight blu-ray has touchdowned. i saw the poster of the batman dvd/blu-ray at Music Junction vivo last week and they affirm the arrival of the disc next week [which is this week]. 

was pretty excited to get it so i brought along my Hot Toys Joker to get the disc from MJ Vivo b4 picking my wife. 

tho i could have waited for gax forumers to supply me the blu-ray at a reasonable price like $42-$48, i still prefer to pay more and to pick it up on "launch day" simul-launch with US on 9th Dec 2008.

something was telling me to pay Action City a visit. with my wife working at Habourfront City, i have the luxury of monitoring the market with shops like MJ, TRU, Action City, Best Denki even, i the vicinity. 

and they have a set of hot Toys Dark Knight and Robber Joker. both were retailing at $240 each. buy 1piece i get 10%off, buy both piece i get each at $200. tho the christina bale's head scult from the dark knight is a fab taunt, i chose to get the once abandoned plan of robber joker.

below are some pictures of the packaging ....

the front of outer slip

the back of the outer slip

the inner cover

the back cover

the little poster within

gatefold opening. the dark knight has a print of "why so serious" over the plastic window. nice.

and the awesome item .... will i swap my original joker with the spare head sculpt?

the cash and card is stashed in the back of the black bubble pack

i put down my name for iron man mark III, rumored release next week .... will i get it?


desmond said...

I heard that rumours too. Ironman mark III will be released next week. Don't know true or not?? BTW, have you collect your Star Wars Medicom empire guard??

sket said...

skipping the royal guard. am contemplating if i shld get Iron Man MkIII due to funds, but everyone knows it's a awesome must-have. damn.

desmond said...

Yes, definitely!! A must have masterpiece from HT. Hope the actual products are as good as the prototype..