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Saturday, November 10, 2007

?? S Power ?? What ??

harp strings of Nana soundtrack resonates transits to orchestral beat of Metal Gear Solid 3 soundtrack in my iPod shuffle. elaine hasnt been able to play her harp, some strings were down, and we are dead broke to have he strings replace prioritized. money goes out, we suffer and enjoy .... instant karma.

i was reading story of Michael Hutchence over wikipedia, the rise and fall of a depressed hero. Bono n Simon Le Bon were his beloved friends, and i never knew Paula Yates had passed away.

hawkboy199 is selling his Lego Star Wars Saga 360 game on the boards. and he was selling Conan 360 game too. i never got to play the Lego Star Wars previously, tried the demo and it was tedious. And of course Conan the game was a banished decision, despite the nudity and violence and being banned locally for distribution. Rick told me near to Playboxx Tampines is another shop that sell games at good price too. i had a 2hr lunch break so i drove down for a peek-a-boo.

boy this shop S Power is super packed . mothers, sons, fathers .... boys .... all in steady queue to be served. i looked thru he shelve to locate my Star Wars Lego Saga, PAL version but checked and it's playable on my local 360. and on the PS3 section was Conan in foiled cover staring back at me.

boy's out at Rick's .... we touched on COD4, Rub-a-Duck, plenty of demo, and of which Conan was played. the mindless decap, slashing, barrel tossing, and bad video turned me on.

so i thought i'm gonna finish up Orange Box 2day, almost at the end of EP2 .... and magor time for me to give COD4 some desreved time, here comes 2 more games. next in line .... Assassin's Creed, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Kane n Lynch, Rock Band, Haze. a wonderful November .... and am i to forgive not buying my bass guitar, which obviously i wouldnt have or find time, and the misssing PS3 Eye.

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