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Thursday, November 22, 2007

just like honey / jango fett

popped over falcon's hangar yesterday, and to my display, medicom jango fett was delayed. they had not smsed me not to come over as my toy reservation list has somewhat screwed up. clifford smsed me this morning for the actual arrival, collected it.

star wars had 2 sets of father and son, this is the notorious pair. and the world's most likeable bounty hunter is not keira knightly. it's boba fett himself, hands down.

with helm on. nice touch by medicom for employing leather-like material for jango' s vest armour. helm was made to proportion hence u cant fully wear it over timura's head.

sold a few items to fellow forumers from gamescore, like i always say, i would love to keep most of things i purchased. but sometimes due to unforseen circumstances, we sell the treasures of life for exchange for food and water, the daily needs.

i'm pretty inspired when in the car, the in-car stereo, blasting crisp and bassy tunes, muffling the noisy engine roar and misfired gear shift, i have plenty to say with all the thoughts unspoken within my matter of grey. but when it comes to the crunch of serious blogging, it's simple abc of bland narrations.

my entertainment fills the void of loneliness and despair, i watched re-runs of my dvds and hds to sleep. i'm off prozac, it's a long term investment, but a tough discipline. i chose mental war against my will to fate. plenty of things done as a couple, whether as spouses or bf/gf, things bought for each other, leaves a deep etched memory. it oozes out when re-encountered.

after my sales at citihall mrt, i popped over to st andrew's cathedral. the serenity of peace in a church hall, the beauty of god's presence, i prayed for repentance, for aid, for strength, and forerverness.

conincidently my new cd from amazon, a long-awaited one, "lost in translation" soundtrack, came with dracula, of both are works of the coppola family. bram stoker's dracula is directer by fancis ford coppola while "lost in tranaslation" is directed by his daughter, sofia coppola.

i bought this movie prior to my tokyo trip. not knowing the true meaning to the movie, but to experience the beauty of tokyo in HD, the movie is a love adventure. an actor of 50s, alone in tokyo, marries up with a bored girl who came along with her new husband for a photo shoot expedition. 2 people, with unfulfilled relationships, shares the truth of friendship and unspoken love. the soundtrack is heavily mod, with likes of my bloody valentine, air and jesus and the mary chain.

my first encounter with the band my bloody valentine was in the late 80s, the early nineties, when i was still doing vinyl. i had this double LP by some name like "indie vol 2" or something. they had some great unknown bands, which includes my bloody valentine doing "strawberry wine" and ghost dance with "fool's gold". i never really followed this band and sofia coppla had engaged kevin shields from the band to do a few astonishing tracks for this album. air is back, last seen collabrating with sofia on "virgin suicides" another haunting soundtrack. the last song was the ever brilliant jesus and the mary chain, from thier first album, "just like honey". haunting dark jangly guitars of the post-pop 80s, wasnt my youth when i digged light goth more, this song closes the movie well. there is a hidden track after just like honey", at 11th min, a song by bill murray, when he sang in in the karaoke.

this album is one of my best for this year, despite just a few days old. sweet, just like honey.

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