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Thursday, November 29, 2007

game over

was supposed to go for a jog in the evening but the sky looks gloomy. went al hardcore on my button mashing over the dualshock3 .... resulting ....

.... to complete 4 of my outstanding/running games over the passed few days .... insanity.

monday 26/11/07 - call of duty 4 modern warfare (PS3)
wednesday 28/11/07 - silent hill origins (PSP)
thursday 29/11/07 - uncharted drake's fortune (PS3) and conan (PS3)

what's left untouched is WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008. i had ordered thru kinokuniya for it's guidebook so i'll have a od rfernce for the individual wrestlers key combi and moves. they mentioned it's gonna take from 3to6 weeks. playasia will have their book available for order from 2mrw. dilemma.

time to also go back and replay some "classic" games of mine.

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