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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

viva forever

former PSM (US) magazine has closed down. the new setup is PLAYSTATION the official magazine. this is a great welcome. PSM was great when editor Rob Smith moved in. and now we'll have a US Playstation to savour. price tag remains at a joyful SGD6.50. UK's official Playstation zine is cool, but i've really lost my interest over all UK's zines.

HMV's a real poison to visit. had my haircut and left the car at Orchard OG / Cuppage Plaza car park (2cents per min charge) and walked over to HMV. was there to get Natalie Imbruglia's Greatest Hits CD .... spotted a couple of goodies. testing a cd is a good move, wise as well, helps and avoid implusive purchase. i have last eliminated 4 cds, the cult's new one and across the universe soundtrack. tested em on amazon's site and was proven bad. concrete blond old album i missed and johnette napolitano's solo released were discarded buys too.

tried britney's new album, super beat for the beng car stereo, and sigor ros new twin cd .... they were ok but i went for safer buys in the end. all my 3 new cds came with a dvd. spice girls have plenty of great slow numbers. spice girls were 90s. it's nice to retune for a little retro pop. but i cant fathom myself listening to madonna. anymore. dave gahan's new album pushes a little to a dark beat, so it's a safe buy.

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