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Monday, November 05, 2007

into the outside world

portal's left for the 3rd day. sometimes i still hear her bell ringing ....

been a GnR fan, neither a Stone Temple Pilot listening too. dont rem what i was listening when GnR came to the scene, but STP was surely outshined by Pearl Jam when grunge was heavy. guitar hero game francise brought me to the keen interest of slash n gang. yamaha's sellling their guitar package at a slashed price of 388 while the bass package goes down to 567. i'm dearly broke and in bad debt while my mind still eyes for a thing that i wont find time to concentrate ... to learn to play bass guitar or alternately play electric guitar.

with many games coming up for PS3 while 360 goes into a drought, i'm waiting for the not so useful PS3eyetoy.

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