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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

sounds of the universe limited box set

i'm glad i did alittle read up. i've come to know a limited edition "sounds of the universe" boxset available in the pressing. speculation of same producer as the last DM album used, this might not be that fad a album again.

but i'm glad i picked the risk and go head to get the limited set. $99 from hmv for uk/euro pressing, and indeed the cd quality lack depth over US or JPN pressing, and not loosing out even to our local pressing, but the album was great.

i'm not a fan of cd+dvd+album in 5.1. but the making of vids and short films in this collection collected in a dvd are pretty informative, with regards to better understanding of the concept of this studio work. and too i get many many more songs with this limited set, the album itself in 1cd, a demo + outtakes disc in 1cd, and 1cd with remixes and songs that didnt make it into the album. it is essential when i like something, i just want it all.

a good round for DM .... will explore the album further and deeper.

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