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Thursday, April 16, 2009

WWE LOW guide + ACC blu-ray Limited

my WWE LOW guide arrived 2day via amazon. i'm glad it's that fast as i've seen my wife's books come in from amazon in nice speed. took just 11days.

in the meantime Advent Children Complete Blu-ray is out 2day in japan. some shops have their stocks submitted to MDA for censorship approval. i was at AMK Hub to sell 2 of my games and was made known it be out soon locally. but some shops have it out earlier. i got a lead from junshen who got his 2day. had to drive down to the shop just b4 closing. got mine at $94 for being member. will i be using the demo disc? that was one consideration for not buying the limited version. but with little persuasion i got the limited one. the PS3 ACC bundle is at $929.

will these work?

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