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Thursday, October 01, 2009

psp go

the day started off sending my wife to work. then went ntuc bishan for a quick grab of lucas' mamy poko. he's wearing large now so it's 55 pieces per pack, can finish like a week. bleached my hair and then send my car in to delgro engineering for brakes inspection. i hear grinding sound when i apply the brakes. like visiting the doctor, after booking an appointment, the sound disappear.

was advised i need to change ATF oil as well. haron tested the car and didnt hear anything either, prob some rust that had wore off. he suggested also to do a servicing to reduce the the price. and hours later when i was at hmv, i was told i had to change he wiper, and also mend up an oil leak. hence i cant have my car 2nite, no car for children's day, but my wife dont need to pick me up so it works nice that i collect my car 2mrw. hope they will remove that rattling sound too, the hitting of my exhuast pipe to my rear bumper.

my task besides above will be the hunt for the perfect launch of PS3 slim and PSP go. shops i visited, bishan sony and game shop, wisma sony, uptron and taka, paragon sony, orchard central sony, orchard central funzcentre, sony funan, funan gamescore, funan zavi, ion juzz1 and finally back to uptron.

in the morning, most stores have no stock, or no gifts for niether PS3 slim and PSP go. psn asia was empty too, no sign of gt psp nor minis. until mid aftenoon slowly shops has stock but no gifts. best was Juzz1 at ion, they didnt even know PSP go is launch 2day. only orchard central sony has freebies, brollie for PSP go and tee for PS3 slim.

i was originally set to buy PS3 slim. but then again my phat is doing still superb. i needed to check the free tee, and it sucked indeed. tested PSP go at orchard central, tho the buttons looked kinda cramp, it felt well.

at 5pm, the aura came and i headed back to uptron at taka, their stuff finnaly arrived. the $40 network card with free tee finally arrived, first shop in singapore, prob cos they are the distributors after all. i grab my stuff happy and went home.

and to my happiness, asia psn is uploaded with all the goodies, incl GT and minis .....

bought marvel alliance2 guide and 2 cds from hmv as well .... a happy children's day ....


desmond said...

Wow bro!! bought PSP Go already. I heard Sony just launched these in US. Are yours the Asian Version??

sket said...

yes bro, asian version for mine. for the warranty's sake i guess. but if u prefer the PSP300o, the GT bundle version is awesome. the boss showed meat gamescore, a nice pouch, and the psp is in a special black with the GT logo printed on it. $399 for that set.

desmond said...

Quite cheap for this latest PSP. Can consider liao..Thanks for your info, bro!!