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Monday, October 12, 2009

madcatz fender bass and overdrive pedal

finally my fender bass and overdrive pedal from madcatz has arrived. i placed my order on 21st sept, with some paypal and logistic issues, my items were shipped via USPS parcel on oct 2 and arrived 2day from the states in 10days.

prices: fender bass USD86, overdrive USD28 shipping USD43

the start and select and tone comes in knobs for authenticity.

the whammy bar is in the form of a knob as well. the highlight of the bass is the split whammy bar for fast bass pick

the tuning pegs are adjustable for fun factor

3 batts

soft fender strap and small wireless dongle

how does the fender bass measures in size? btw it doesnt fit the coffin bag.

and the overdrive is a neat aluminium cased stepper

time to pick up the guitar games for maximum fun ....


desmond said...

Wow bro, seems like you really love playing PS have a lot of them...

sket said...

i'm not good at it, but these guitars help me push into the next difficulty level. being a collector yourself, u know how hard it is to resist, at a stage i wanted to collect all the guitar variation for ps3 and xbox360 .... glad now i'm down to 4, of which one up for sale. there are some nice replicas coming up, the makers knows what the fans yearned for

desmond said...

Good for you anyway!!

desmond said...

Good for you anyway!!