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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

unboxing dj hero renegade edition

what a box. receieved a call from funzcentre just b4 i turned into my estate. it's 5mins drive to amk hub.

the renegade box for dj hero is heavy. heavier than rock band 1 special edition in my opinion, but less bulky. the normal edition is friendly, size below a GH guitar bundle.

burningjonathan annouces it's R4 for local asia edition for ps3, that disapppointed many, incl myself. i tot just grab it first, 4 once settle for a R4 and see if i can get the DLC from a aussie psn.

box side features eminem

back of box with the full entourage of songs n mixes

jay-z on the other side, so is there linkin park mix?

hey, GH logo

the cupboard is a pain to retrieve, due to the weight.

here we have it, renegade box in egg shell protection

this handle to the box is quite a pain in the ass. the weight of everything makes it painfull to lug this along via the handle

here' the size of the exclusive casing comparing with a controller

and the size of the box itself.

locking system on both sides of the case only

the content .... eh, game disc is R1, amazing. called funzcentre and told them about the good news. there's also some instructions, a 2cd pack, a wireless dongle and batts and the cool renegade turntable ....

remove the sponge u see the legs .... swivable at the bottom adjustable in height.

lowest height ....

tallest ....

the gold trimmings on the .... what u call this ????

and nice gold logo on turntable mat label.

eh, ps3 buttons hiddened ....

essentially the 2cd pack is a cd but not extra tracks for the game.

i recommend the normal edition for singapore dj heroes, cos the table isnt super cool and game content seems similar. can do without the nice touch ups of the renegade turntable, it's also a fingerprint magnet. normal retails at SGD199 and renegade at $330.

as usual thx to funzcentre, my price was a vast different [lower than a 3digit blockbuster movie about spartans]. thx to chris and crystal for usual special treatment, and also adrian for being a sport to call immediately me when stock arrived, and his help for my R3 uncharted2 the other time.


woodhead said...

Very nice. Ur quite a Hero freak eh.

sket said...

i've been quite selective already, ,,, heheh

Mizu said...

I was ready to ignore this game until I read reviews. Lots of tracks I love on it, compared to plenty of classic rock I don't recognise on Guitar Hero/Rock band. Played the Beatles Rock Band at STGCC and only knew like a couple of songs.. it's pretty embarrassing, lol.

sket said...

glad u are still alive and kicking mizu .... on the contrary, i dunno many songs in djhero