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Sunday, January 17, 2010

adidas x star wars superstar

shuan had warned me the launch of adidas x star wars will be on 15 Jan at adidas originals. but the stock will only be in after 9pm, i happened to be working that day that time.

my target over these sets will be the skywalker superskate. the family drove by pacific and we saw vader in the store, ok, we crank in alittle more time to check out the goodies ....

only 4 pairs of shoes left, 2 vaders 1 star wars and 1 stormie superstar. nothing appealed. 2 tees, 1 jacket, dont appeal either. i left below 10mins .... skywalker will come in only in feb.

when my wife saw me, clutching her phone in the hand in the car with lucas, waiting for me to call her for opinion, was surprised i returned to the car empty handed.

my inner mind had worked, stopping me from haste purchase. i messaged shaun, i looked in to the net, and showed my wife pictures of skywalker and the stormie superstar, both agreed these 2 are cool. i was overwhelmed.

i called pacific branch on the phone, they helped me to reserve a size 10UK/10.5US stormie superstar at iluma. reservation only til 2nite ....

i wasnt impressed by the stormie superstar when i arrived iluma adi originals branch. i walked in and out, couldnt get to my wife. the staff suggest i try my size .... free stickers, i didnt know when i driving out of iluma, stickers of the emblem on the tongue for all future models. i got the shoe. trying was a real affirmation. $179.90.

nice box

famous quote

nice tongue.

love this the most .... stormtropper instead of superstar

the trooper helm logo is a imprint unlike the vader, a foil stick over.

trooper insole

different print on the sole. cant bear to wear them.

this is war ....


LEon said...

if these come out in my school days, I would grab it and wear to school!

Shaun said...

Thanks for the pix, Simon. :) as mentioned it is really cool that we have similar passion for LFC, adidas and toy collecting. Will post pix of my haul over the next few days. :)

sket said...

@leon during my school days all shoes must be white, no ST heads allowed.

@shaun, yes we might be non-indentical twins

Ragnarok-Ex said...

omg.. these shoes looks real nice ~ gongxi gongxi

desmond said...

Wow!! you and Shaun are having the same taste :)