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Monday, January 18, 2010

final destination or final fantasy?

been hunting for final destination 4 for a coupa of days now. mellim has it but are reserved. together with halloween2 and paranormal activity blu-ray, FD4 aka The Final Destination or Final Destination 3D had been off my radar on release dates. been too occupied with reno and FB that i havent been monitoring the market for blu-rays.

sent a sms to soophing to check if she has it. i didnt see it on her list of disc for sale at xtremeplace forum. she said it'll come in next week. but in few minutes later she replied the disc actually came in 2day. fab. picked it up 2gther with "wanted" for my wife.

my cut thumb is healing


saruman said...

i have been wanting to get WANTED on Blu-Ray for a while.. but Blu-Ray is again too expensive here in Malaysia... (sigh!) And is it true that GT5 (ps3) has been pushed to November 2010 release!!! that is really bad news... been waiting for it for ages for god sake! But if they are making it even better.. it should worth the wait!

sket said...

as far as i know now it's "when it's ready", tho i am not a car fanatic nor a racing gamer, this title (gt5) is sure worth the wait. as for wanted, maybe u wanna try's forum. if they can ship to u to malaysia. i bought mine at SGD30