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Thursday, January 07, 2010

lightings for pinn

the wait for the resubmission for hacking the kitchen walls been pretty much held up by HDB .... in the meantime, time to source for some affordable lightings, a good shop we found is

below are my suggestions for various parts of the house.

i start from entering the house ....

this light i choose for the walkway at the main door entrance

the kitchen to the left .... there'll be lights on the kitchen cabinets

the yard beyond the kitchen

shares the same light as the bomb shelter

the dinning room choices are above

the living choices are as above

light outside masterbed room?

not a wide variety for simple lamps for the study and kids (lucas' bedroom) room

and finally my choices for the masterbed room, complimented with lights form the wardrobe .... and the ghost lamp for side table

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