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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

crazy shopping day

we bought $360 worth of quilt, quilt cover, bedsheets from robinson's sale this evening. am glad my robinson's card is still working so we had some nice 20% off and more discount too off the card.

i had 2 lucky coupons i filled and deposited into the box. the counter girl asked me to produce my receipt for a lucky dip. not so bad, i got a $88 voucher.

with that i use the voucher topping up 88cts for 2 more pillow cases, 1 skull sigg which i told myself not to buy earlier, a locknlock container and a toy car for lucas boy. nice.

got his from toyscrazi. glad the battle damaged JC isnt looking too cool and he sells this base at a good $30.

a mysterious find at limited edition this afternoon at sommerset313.

and finally pop into and bought the neoleather jacket from uniqlo .... chose the john connor color over black ....

i had to walk out of hmv empty handed, overspent !!!

[thru-out the whole shopping 2day i had bad tension headache, arggh]


saruman said...

Wow! What a day! The Star wars Adidas was launch here in KL last sunday... but it's wayyyyy too expensive! JC02, I POed it, then sold it to a friend... have to shop wisely nowadays... ;)

sket said...

glad we have it round asia as well.