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Thursday, May 24, 2007

4pm i'm heading to work

re-watched "miami vice" this morning on hd dvd via 360. the aftermath of liverpool fc not being european champions was apparent match-fixed.
my dad went to see the local doc with my mom. he's scheduled appointment at TTSH isnt up and they wont see him yet. think it must have been that char kway teow he had for lunch yesterday, practically too oily.
my postman was silly. he sloted my big package into via the centralized letter box door, not knowing my private letter box hole is too small to retrive my package. a neighbourhood aunty recommends i wait for 11am 2mrw to wait for the postman to collect my stuff, i just forced it out with some effort. the package has been sent out on15th n only received 2day on 24th. u just cant expect alot for free shipping.


neek said...

I was playing Guitar Hero after the match. I just couldn't sleep. No wonder I saw you online when I was playing.

sket said...

liverpool brothers? happy gaming !!