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Saturday, May 26, 2007

dad is complaining about faint spells

"not another figure ??? and another blu-ray disc? when will u stop ???", he asked.

"i'll be going to meet this fellow at china square central 2mrw 130pm to look at a sideshow freddy. i skipped a mcquarrie boba fett 2day, i saw it at falcon's hangar, tempted, but i should stop buying 3 3/4inch, just concentrate on 12inch figures", i replied.
"dad is sick .... u should spend more time at home" .... he pestered.
"i've been praying too, i told elaine to keep dad's health on her prayer list too", i muttered.
"ok" .... i answered myself.
"isn't this PSU3 #9, they are slow in bringing in, pretty much like a outdated issue" .... complained again.
"well", a soft whisper i gave.

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