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Thursday, May 17, 2007

this is living

had dinner at 5pm. will have to cook instant noodles later, curry maggi, classic fave. i was recalled for work 2day, 1to8 at tower. didnt buy any food, i usually give a meal treat when recalled for tower, i think the crew will appreciate a meal that nitgrits.

some bloody shop spree again bro? think i need to control. i gather that Command n Conquer Tiberium Wars single player campaign was pretty ok. couple of my colleagues are doing multi-player but on PC. here we go, my 360 version, was giving this game a miss but bought it instead. finally located Last Samurai on Blu-ray at HMV. i've been seeing the HDDVD version but i intended to have this movie on blu-ray. Darkness art book was bought yesterday. it features artwork from the comic's artist and also a page with all the pictures that i'm suppose to unlock in the upcoming game. no sign of PSU3 #9 still, i skipped GamesTM n EDGE on 2day's UK shippment at kino and bought my highly anticipated zine Official Playstation UK, and PSP with a Metal Gear Solid feature.

this issue comes with a free "this is living" t-shirt. awesome.

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