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Monday, July 02, 2007

my eyes can feel

some thoughts on album make some noise "the amnesty international campaign to" save dafur album.

this is a 2 cd set with songs done by many established artist. u get big names like U2, REM, Duran Duran, and many that i'm not familiar like Tokio Hotel, corinne bailey etc.

i really like to emphasized on 2 tracks that i liked alot. the cure did LOVE and a-ha did #9 dream. with distinct voice of robert smith, the song was transformed. not the traditonal cure tune, not the way the mission did this cover in the late 80s, but this cure version is real special, partially dark, a dark love, and the drumming is absolutely sensational. and a-ha's version of #9 dream [rem did the same cover on disc1], the always dreamy morten harkett's singing, it's one of his best ever vocal yet.

greed day did working class hero, xtina did mother [oh yeah], corinne bailey rae on i'm losing u, jackson browne did oh, my love, snow patrol on isolation .... these are other outstanding tracks.

my cd is a singapore made versin. the sound quality is great on the car stereo.

if u hate lennon, u'll like this album. but i always liked lennon's pestimistic lyrics.

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Shaun said...

anyone covered 'God' or 'You Are Here'?