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Thursday, July 05, 2007

sweet dreams (are made of space material)

tempur travel pillow sold out islandwide according to the taka promoter. she said she had back orders, 25 pcs came in but customers had already paid for it so it's reserved. the singapore sale is on so it's 10percent off that makes it about $127.

i looked around and found the alternative varsion, korean brand space material pillow. with additional cosmetic item i cleared my taka $100 voucher from amex with a little top up. my night duty pillow have not been living to it's standards of late .... hope this new fellow will give me a louder snoring sleep. will test drive it later.

playstation official magazine - UK august issue touchdown at taka kino 2nite. the force is strong with me as i omitted the other 2 arrivals, PSW n PSM3.

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